Jun 27, 2010

Poker Face (cover)


I really (really) like Lady Gaga's Poker Face Glee version. just watched it yesterday. well actually two days ago, but I watched it again last night, and thinking about making the cover. Okay. so this is the "preview" I made for you guys. please, I really need some feedbacks, which part should I make it better? once I received your comments, I will make another one with the video (this is without, right?). I will use the same piano and back sound, but the only difference will be me, singing with the video. well, enjoy!


Jun 22, 2010

Meet my fellas!

gimana nggak ketawa, coba, kalo punya temen2 selucu mereka ? :D

nih lagi satu ikut2an! ada2 aja! 
gw: feb lu tau ga application bb yang bisa ganti warna LED jadi warna2 centil gitu?
f: wah apa ya? tunggu gw cari dulu. ga ada nih hip, gw malah ketemunya ini:
(lanjut ke gambar dibawah)

(untuk mencegah kecemburuan sosial dan hal yang tidak diinginkan, semua temanku lucu kok, aku sayang kalian semua sama rata, cuma ini tadi kebetulan aja conversation bego ini terjadi. hopefully it's understandable :D )



Jun 17, 2010

I don't get this

"Love is when he loves another girl but u still smile and say I'm happy for u, when all u really do is cry."
-@WastedCrayons #ihatequotes

I used to believe that's true. I used to think that's the sweetest thing of all. But let's think twice.

First. You smile, where actually you cry? Man, that's stupid. You don't need to fake and smile in front of everybody. You cry when you cry. There's nothing wrong showing that you're sad. Even because of a guy.

Second. He loves another girl, so what? Yes, you'll be sad, and pathetic, and all you want to do is lie in bed, stab your heart and die, but come on! It's 2010 now and I don't think we should do the old stuff anymore. The gesture above simply suggest that women is in a lower position than men! It's like, oh it's okay if you love her, I will still love you, wait for you, here, standing by my self, oh crap.

Come on ladies! If he's not for you now, it's not going to be later. I believe there's someone special waiting for you. The one who RESPECTS you, who will love you in any condition. So don't get fooled by the wrong one(s) right now. If you believe, you're going to find each other soon or later :)

But it's a different situation if the quote above wants to say that after the girl cries, she moves on. That's good. (Some people interpret it that way)

Happy thursday!


Jun 16, 2010


kau buat ku jadi gila! yes you make me kreji lah.

Jun 14, 2010

Something I randomly thought of

For me, the worst way to spend money is to buy a gum. Why would you pay for something that you can't even swallow? I know it has variety of flavor. And sometimes it goes with a nice packaging as well. But the taste will eventually disappear, anyway, it won't last long. I know it doesn't cost you that much, but even so, in the end you will have to throw it anyway. And oh! You can't force yourself to swallow it! If you do, it will be hard for your stomach to digest, and it'll just cost you more trouble (and some people might remember you as 'the fool who tried to swallow his gum'; hey! That actually might be an interesting title of a movie! Oh God I'm too easily distracted). My point is, a gum will only give you a moment of bliss, a glance of happiness, and that is it, really. Wouldn't you want something that's more long lasting?

No offense guys, not that I hate gum. I would consider to take one if someone offer me, though. But one thing for sure don't expect me with a gum at anytime, so don't bother to ask.

Wow I can sound cynical! *surprised my self a little bit there. Anyway this is what I randomly think about while waiting for an hour near gate 7, 9:25 AM flight to Jakarta. See you real soon, peeps :)


Jun 10, 2010

Squarepants and Star

Spongebob: What do you ussually do when i'm gone ?
Patrick: Wait for you to come back.

and that's the sweetest of all.


Jun 9, 2010

I used to

watch this all the time. and I mean all the time.

along with Kenan and Kel, All that, Hey arnold, The Amanda Show, Legends of the hidden temple, Figure it out, and the rest of the old nickelodeon shows. good times good times. oh where have all the good shows gone? :'(


Jun 8, 2010

Check this out

dari menit 2:50! ga gitu panjang sih lagunya tapi tetep aja. GIMANA BISA TANGAN SEKECIL ITU MAIN SEKEREN ITU. ergh. pengen hahahaha dia pede banget yah. self confident nya tinggi sekali anak ituu. and she wrote about 350 songs already! salut. haha


Jun 7, 2010

"I promise. I promise I will stop loving you tomorrow. And I will keep saying that everyday."

Love and other disasters

It turns out that watching movie trailers on iTunes gives back something good, actually. couple of weeks ago I got bored (and yet with loads of assignments) and so I started to watch trailer on iTunes. on comedy, or romance, or comedy romance, of course. some movies are great which I already put on my movie-to-watch list. some are amazingly doubtful, very not recommended to watch. but this one, is quite interesting. watched the trailer, liked it,  put it on my list, finally watch it, love it. starring (late) Brittany Murphy, with good plot, great casting, great movie! 

basically it's about love. how can we know if we have found our true love and stuff. with plenty of funny lines, of course. I can see that Murphy's character, Emily Jackson, is really influenced by Audrey Hepburn. they mentioned Breakfast at Tiffany's twice during the movie, and there are lots of Hepburn fashion items. such as capri pants, gloves, french coats, and the very stunning LBD (little black dress). how can I know so much about Hepburn? I just recently googled her too much. had a design report on her :P

about the story it self, there are some interesting point of views, actually. for example, what if true love is a conspiracy? it's actually a questionable thing, but the movie and music industry made it seems so real. what if all this time people are chasing for something that didn't really exist? but then, in the end of the movie, they answer it with this. maybe you shouldn't just wait and hope that your true love will come to you, and believe everything will just fall perfectly to pieces. maybe you should change that hope into an action. maybe true love is actually a decision. your decision. to give someone a chance not knowing wether they're the one or if they're going to hurt you. in other words, give love a chance.

different interpretation of love appears in this movie. it's good to have different perspective. oh! one of the funny lines,
Emily: I want to wake up and feel in love! you know, dizzy, feverish, and nauseous!
Peter: That's not love, that's the flu.

lol. complete with the intriguing British accent (yes, I have a thing with this noxious British accent), I rate 4/5 for this movie. I don't know why, I just love this kind of movie. it's different with those hollywood cliche, you know. this is smart script writing. just watch it yourself and you'd know what I mean. am not exaggerating!

been sick all day. sick of this headache! I always have this irritating headache every morning just the moment after I wake up. make me want to chop off my neck and trade it with the anti-headache one. so I just lie down and eat on bed all day, watching stuff on screen. but it's getting better now after I took a good warm shower. had planned what I'm going to do for the rest of the week during the shower :P 

happy monday!


Jun 6, 2010

8 more days

iya, tadi baru ngitung, tinggal 8 hari lagi menuju kepulangan ke negara tercintah. flying solo, man. takut, gw. hahaha HELLO bubur, ketoprak, gudeg, kasur kesayangan, pakdadang, iya keluarga dan teman, ARGHHH. mau gila. gw akhirnya menyelesaikan Unilink, dan the real uni awaits. serem yeh. btw, itu foto di atas nggak berarti gw hanya merindukan mereka yang ada di foto, itu hanya simbol kerinduan gw akan kehidupan di Jakarta. caelah. apa sih. arghhh. lagi kacau. MELBEN DINGIN YAH. ampun deh. bingung gimana caranya ga dingin. pasang heater? panas! apa sih mau lu hip. 

barusan donlod mp3 nya The Boyfriend play lagii aw kangen abis. suara gw jelek abis gw udah ga bisa nyanyi kek dulu lagi hahaha pengen nulis banyak banget tapi ... tapi tapi .. tapi ga bisa menyusun kata2. hahaha apa sih gue ah ya sudah

SEMANGAT bagi yang masih exam, ENJOY HOLIDAY bagi yang sudah merayakan.


one question, though, kalo lu sudah tidak merasa bahagia melakukan apa yang sedang lu lakukan sekarang, apakah itu tandanya lu harus berhenti mengerjakan apapun yang sedang lu lakukan itu?


Jun 4, 2010

Just Now

It came up to me just now. 

Dear thief, 
you can take my wallet, my money, my cards and all of the pictures inside. steal all the wallet in the world, but one thing for sure, you can't take away the most valuable thing in my life. my family and friends! (and I mean it)

dedicated to my recently stolen wallet's thief, whoever you are, wherever you are right now. may you use whatever's left in my wallet for your own good ;)


Jun 1, 2010


wakaka barusan kepencet enter, jadi tadi sempet ke post sebelum gw sempet nulis apa2, baru judul doang hahaha ga penting.


jiahahaha. oh iya INSTRUCTION!
setelah lu klik link di atas, DIEMIN AJA. karena itu adalah FLASH file! jadi emang harus nge loading dulu. bukan salah koneksi internetnya! (seperti salah seorang teman menyalahkan koneksi internet indonesiya karena loading lama, padahal emang mestinya di tungguin aja!)
dan itu INTERAKTIF! jadi anda bisa klik2. hayo coba ditebakkk mana aja yang bisa di klik! 
DAN ITU CONTINUOUS! bisa lanjut ke ruang sebelah! klik tanda panahnya!
semua murni bikin di flash. gw antara jatuh cinta sama flash ato illustrator. gw dari dulu ga pernah ngerti 2 program itu. baru bener2 pegang dan eksplor disini. seriusan de. oh no! aku jatuh cinta lagi!