Jan 29, 2010

Don't You Just Love it When I post Pictures

and I mean lots and lots of pictures. see nih until drunk. (liat nih sampe mabok) 

oke. we start with this one. ini jeli. hahhaha ya iya lah masa kambing. napram made this. and nakir, napram and I ate it while we're having a 5-hours-break :) twas nice. guess the flavour!

and this is nakir. what she's holding is one of our subject's project. this is what I called back to kindergarten. where drawing, measuring, cutting and sticking with glue is all we do all day.

and this is my best-est friend here in melbourne when I'm sad and lonely and also hungry, I watch them being silly. 
They always cheer me up :] 
(not that my real friends don't. but they're far far away. but this is one too close to me! :p)

this is Debie. she's wearing mickey's huge gloves. (stating the obvious)

nachos, $18. maybe this kind of royal food which made me bankrupt these last couple of days.

who ordered this?? oh! is it Kitty? yea probs. looks delicious, though :)

and that's the rest of the food. chips and.. fish? oh, this is in a restaurant near st. kilda beach. nice resto. like it!

a polaroid of us "sun bathing" in a hot sunny day in st. kilda. though I don't think I want to get more tanned --"

ihihi :DD

my roomie! Cindy! wears her shoulder bag into a back pack!

sometimes, we get what we want. sometimes.

this is Labyrinth.

I've been looking for this my whole life.

okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit. been looking for this since September last year :P

believe me. you can't find this in indo. luckily got this store here who sells games. lots and lots of games! (game board and stuffs)

iseng. look kinda "match".

this is me taking picture of my self. I had this project where I wanted to made a typography design out of a person smiling. so I took pictures of people smiling "accidentally" and...
it didn't work. lol (didn't use this for my design. relax)

same subject with the 3D boxes, but different project. that's not mine. that's the teacher's. almost perfect rendering. almost perfect, people.

the best beverage ever invented!!!!
sugar: 34%
oh Dear God.

hippo bin. you see that? sadly, yes it's a dumpster --"

muffin tiga dollar yang menjadi makanan wajib lately :D

yes, still from the same subject (this is the teacher's). this is the last one, due yesterday. my mind were already all over holiday plans, so got pretty fast doing this one (and not quite satisfied but what the hell :P)

napram took a picture of herself. with my phone (trying to do things like me). isn't she lovely? (sarcasm tone)

a friend brought us cakes. okay. we forced him to bring it to class.  lol. but NO REGRETS at all! twas delicious. heaven. can't get enough of the chocolate one. forgot all names. yup, that's me.

CHIPS! hari itu baru tau kalo chips (bisa dan tambah enak) kalo dikasih taburan parmesan cheese and salt. ihiy!

Align Center
all hail spoons! I mean, FORKS!

this is not dog food. according to napram, this is coco pops and melted chocolate. you name it.

see that guy in a blue shirt in front of the car? he's wiping that car's front glass. looks familiar? yup, we got a lot of that one in indo, but not here in melb right? so I  made it everlasting by taking a picture of it (bukan mau di abadikan sih, tapi... EMANG NORAK AJA GW.)

oohh. this is a good one! we went to Sofia, an italian resto, I think, in Camberwell, and good God the sizes of the food there are huge! this is "(something) for two". yes, I can't remember what the "something" is --" but look at it! thankfully we got 8 of us to finish those babies.

look at the size of that dessert, compare to the small small spoon!

oh! took this last monday. when me and Cindy was trying to find our exam hall. not hall, place. venue. and that's... not the place. lol. but loved the sky that day.
Korean Food! Kim Bum! AWEAjdfakdjfawerqWEadfaDF. ehm. excuse me. I went to Hang Guuk Guan with napram and her brother. ate the most famous menu (again, based on napram), and brought left overs! :D:D:D 

how many pictures did I upload??? kdjfkdjfdkfjkdjd

'mahal' means expensive in indo. see what I mean?

Australia Day. have no idea what that building is, but thought twas pretty. so there you go.

and this is what I made. the one I'm not quite satisfied :p

I wanted to took a picture that will look like San Fransisco. I failed, didn't I ? still looks like melbie.

look at the white stickers closely. product of Indonesia. sad to say, it's vandalism (probably) done by one of Indo's in melb --"

napram's cappucino.


napram ordered this. I wonder how many times I've typed "napram" already. oh yeah, napram is a name, a nick name of a friend. I've decided some times ago not to write any names for their privacy (and stuff) lol

I ordered nasi goreng. a bit dissapointed with the taste.

napram's brother ordered this. beans, toast, and pork.

curry! anthony ordered this. he said it tasted just like instant curry --"

love the wall paper in koko black :)) and the furniture as well!

biggest guilty pleasure of the day. belgian something for two. God! I never remember anything, completely!

hot chocolate. I think you know who ordered this. won't type her name any longer. lol

my iced chocolate! but got charged $1 extra and I didn't know it --"

what did I just say???


me me me! eating ayam penyet or smashed chicken in Bali Bagus on Franklin :))) oh!! just remembered got left overs :P

I like this :)


I love being silly :D

and she does too.

hooraayy! oh, yesterday got photography lesson from friends. got excited! so fun using dslr camera! :) and sorry if this post makes you wait quite some time while opening my blog. but twas worth it wasn't it? :D