Dec 29, 2010

Another Cover(s)

little bit of something from me. hope you guys like it :)



Dec 26, 2010

Hey low

Two good quotes for me at the moment

"Maybe it's time. It's time I should just learn to let go."
Anyone got the 'Let Go for Dummies'?

"I could love you but why bother start, I see no future."
Genuinely smart.


Dec 25, 2010

Thank you life, for making my life even more miserable. Did I ever do something that hurt you or something? Or did you simply forget to fill up the happiness cup? Anyways, merry christmas guys. Have a great day. No, I'm happy, really :)


Dec 23, 2010


I just love seeing them together :)


Meet My Babies

And you didn't really think I have a child or two, did you?

'dot' epiphone casino


friend's acoustic guitar

what can you say then if you've got nothing to do..


Dec 20, 2010

Dec 18, 2010


"Everything happens on its own time." -Anonymous

Man, I have just realized and really understand what that particular quote really mean. It hit me just now, that everything happens in a sequence, not all at once, and it just happens at that time. It won't happen again, because the time is up. Do you get me?
Put it this way. What you had in high school won't happen again in your future, right? The routine, the people, the activities... Also, a nice family quality time every friday night, I can't expect that to happen now because here I am miles away from them.
It makes me think that I should, we all should, live at the moment. Make everything to the fullest, enjoy every second. Cause that's their time, and if it's done, it's done.


Dec 12, 2010


You reject someone who love you, and you happen to love someone who reject you. Now that's a cliche irony.


Dec 11, 2010

what's my name

help I CAN'T stop listening to this.

oh yeah. thanks for all the birthday wishes. I'm happy and that's all I need :)


Dec 3, 2010

This is Nina

isn't that the most romantic thing ever?