Dec 29, 2010

Another Cover(s)

little bit of something from me. hope you guys like it :)



Dec 26, 2010

Hey low

Two good quotes for me at the moment

"Maybe it's time. It's time I should just learn to let go."
Anyone got the 'Let Go for Dummies'?

"I could love you but why bother start, I see no future."
Genuinely smart.


Dec 25, 2010

Thank you life, for making my life even more miserable. Did I ever do something that hurt you or something? Or did you simply forget to fill up the happiness cup? Anyways, merry christmas guys. Have a great day. No, I'm happy, really :)


Dec 23, 2010


I just love seeing them together :)


Meet My Babies

And you didn't really think I have a child or two, did you?

'dot' epiphone casino


friend's acoustic guitar

what can you say then if you've got nothing to do..


Dec 20, 2010

Dec 18, 2010


"Everything happens on its own time." -Anonymous

Man, I have just realized and really understand what that particular quote really mean. It hit me just now, that everything happens in a sequence, not all at once, and it just happens at that time. It won't happen again, because the time is up. Do you get me?
Put it this way. What you had in high school won't happen again in your future, right? The routine, the people, the activities... Also, a nice family quality time every friday night, I can't expect that to happen now because here I am miles away from them.
It makes me think that I should, we all should, live at the moment. Make everything to the fullest, enjoy every second. Cause that's their time, and if it's done, it's done.


Dec 12, 2010


You reject someone who love you, and you happen to love someone who reject you. Now that's a cliche irony.


Dec 11, 2010

what's my name

help I CAN'T stop listening to this.

oh yeah. thanks for all the birthday wishes. I'm happy and that's all I need :)


Dec 3, 2010

This is Nina

isn't that the most romantic thing ever?



Nov 30, 2010

One lovely afternoon

Iya, hidup memang susah dan penuh dengan banyak pilihan, ya. Tsk.


Nov 29, 2010

Life Values

For me, there are 5 things I should value in life. Those are being humble, honest, smart, thoughtful, and to be free, to do whatever you love to do.

Are you with me?


Nov 26, 2010


I just had the most delicious brunch I've ever had. Toast, egg, and salad, with olive!

Funny story, something hit me since last night, suddenly I were craving for olives. I thought I have to buy a jar of olives at safeway but damn I'm too lazy so I didn't go instead. This morning while I prepared my brunch, I opened the Greek Salad that I bought yesterday, and guess what. There's a pack of olives inside! You couldn't imagine how surprised and thrilled I was because now, I get to eat what I'm craving for! Olives! It's just so weird because I didn't know that they packed olives inside the salad package. Oh well, sometimes you just have to think of something you really want so bad on and on and on, and you might get it. The power of mind! (Blabbing much, huh?) Enjoy today!


Percakapan Tengah Malam

Dengan seorang teman di MSN

Dia: hip, nilai rata2 toefl yang diminta uni biasanya 90 yah?
Gw: ielts tuh kebagi 4. Speaking writing listening reading. Masing2 pny nilai sendiri2. Tp klo d rata2, dlu sih uni gw minta minimal 5.5
Dia: TOEFL!!!!!!!
Gw: hehehehehehehheehheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh (I seriously typed that long)
Gw ga tau sih rata2 yang di minta uni. Tp setau gw 1200 aja udah bagus.
Dia: 1200?! Itu mah SAT, kali!!! Toefl plg tinggi 120!
Gw: *terjun bebas dari monas*

Untung dia sudah mengerti dan mau menerima gw apa adanya


Nov 24, 2010


"If only I can give you one ability in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then you would understand how amazing you truly are to me."


Nov 22, 2010

15 Best Diet Tips Ever

well, that's how they put the title, but I can see that not everybody will consider these as the best tips. but I find these tips are true somehow. so, rather than being negative, mellow, emo, (previous posts) and doing nothing all day, how about a quick look at these tips? (and actually doing it afterwards :p)

original source: Click Here

1. Drink plenty of water or other calorie-free beverages.
People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger. So you can end up eating extra calories when an ice-cold glass of water is really what you need.

2. Think about what you can add to your diet, not what you should take away.
Start by focusing on getting the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

3. Consider whether you're really hungry.
When you're done eating, you should feel better -- not stuffed, bloated, or tired.
"Your stomach is only the size of your fist, so it takes just a handful of food to fill it comfortably,"

4. Be choosy about nighttime snacks.
Personally, I already crossed out "night time snacks" on my list anyway. so why bother choosing?

5. Enjoy your favorite foods.
Instead of cutting out your favorite foods altogether, be a slim shopper. Buy one fresh bakery cookie instead of a box, or a small portion of candy from the bulk bins instead of a whole bag.

6. Enjoy your treats away from home.
"By making it into an adventure, you don't have to worry about the temptation of having treats in the house, and it is a fun and pleasurable way to make it work when you are trying to lose weight,"

7. Eat several mini-meals during the day.
"Studies show people who eat 4-5 meals or snacks per day are better able to control their appetite and weight," says obesity researcher Rebecca Reeves, DrPH, RD.

8. Eat protein at every meal.
Getting enough protein helps preserve muscle mass and encourages fat burning while keeping you feeling full. So be sure to include healthy protein sources, like yogurt, cheese, nuts, or beans, at meals and snacks.

9. Spice it up.
Add spices or chiles to your food for a flavor boost that can help you feel satisfied.

10. Stock your kitchen with healthy convenience foods.
Having ready-to-eat snacks and meals-in-minutes staples on hand sets you up for success. You'll be less likely to hit the drive-through or call in a pizza order if you can make a healthy meal in 5 or 10 minutes.

11. Order children's portions at restaurants.
"When you are eating out, order a child's pizza or a small sandwich as an easy way to trim calories and get your portions under control," suggest Perdomo.

Another trick is to use smaller plates. This helps the portions look like more, and if your mind is satisfied, your stomach likely will be, too.

12. Eat foods in season.
"If you don't love certain fruits or vegetables, it could be because you ate them out of season when they have little taste or flavor," says Pensiero. "When you eat seasonally, fruits and vegetables are more flavorful, at their best, and I promise you won't be disappointed."

13. Swap a cup of pasta for a cup of vegetables.
Simply by eating less pasta or bread and more veggies, you could lose a dress or pants size in a year.

14. Use non-food alternatives to cope with stress.
Sooner or later, you're going to be faced with a stressful situation. Instead of turning to food for comfort, be prepared with some non-food tactics that work for you.

Sass suggests reading a few chapters in a novel, listening to music, writing in a journal, practicing meditative deep breathing, or looking at a photo album of loved ones.

15. Be physically active.
Although it may seem counterintuitive, don't use exercise either to punish yourself for eating or to "earn" the right to eat more.

Instead, focus on how great you feel, how much better you sleep and how much more energy you have when you exercise. Physical activity is good for you whether you are trying to lose weight or not, so keep it positive and build a lifelong habit.

other useful sources:

so what are you waiting for? turn off your computer, get up, go out and play! (and start choosing the right meals :>)


Nov 21, 2010

Moving on

Maybe the reason why you can't move on is because you don't want to. Simply because you realize that you have doubts about having another memory in the future as beautiful as what you had in the past.



Nov 20, 2010


Have you ever feel like you're changing but not in a good way? A moment where you don't even know what's happening with you and your surroundings, really. It's like you're standing in front of a dead end, no way to go through, but it's also impossible to go back, and then, finally, you realize that you're lost, without anyone to ask help for, and you keep confusing yourself until you reach that point where you feel like you're losing your consciousness completely.
Have you ever?
Because help, I'm there.


Nov 19, 2010

Perfect Summer

Feel the wind breezes through your hair, along with the warmth of the sun touching the surface of your skin.

By the way, the Boost guys are wearing superman's "wings" and boxers on the outside, if you want to have a quick smile today :)

Spoil yourself!


Nov 17, 2010

Should I ?

I think facebook is killing me inside. Really, I think I find out too much information from this particular so-called-helpful networking system. I find out things that, I think, I shouldn't have known. I hate to admit it, but knowing too much could hurt, sometimes. So, should I deactivate it, really?


Nov 16, 2010

I hope it works.

What you see above, my friend, is my laptop desktop wallpaper. hell I really do hope this would motivate me. Or at least prevent me from eating and eating and eating all day. got the idea from one of my seniors actually. she kinda posted her desktop wallpaper to facebook, then I saw it, I think that's genius, I copied it. thinking of using it as my blackberry's background as well.



Nov 13, 2010

My heart stops when you look at me

Original Song:
Teenage Dreams by Katy Perry

it's just something that I made just now. 
(if "Adobe Flash Player Settings" window came up when you want to play the video above, just click "Deny", and then you can play the video)

Thank you, my dearest Garage Band! 


Nov 12, 2010


I just spotted 3 bloopers from Friends TV series, season 1, episode 12: The One with the Dozen Lasagnas.

1. Joey mentioned Kip, Chandler's previous roommate, so it shows that Joey knew Kip. Where on season 5 episode 5: The One with the Kips, the gang once again mentioned Kip, but then Rachel asked Joey: do you even know who Kip is? And he answered: no.

2. The tissue roll that Rachel pulled across the kitchen, whenever the camera is on Rachel, we can see the long tissue roll. But every time the camera is on Pheobe, the tissue roll is gone, completely, as if Rachel has never pulled it.

3. Pheobe is a vegetarian, it's so obvious. But near the end of the show, Monica and Pheobe were eating the lasagna together even though it's clearly stated at the beginning that the lasagna does contain meat.

Am I addicted to Friends?


Nov 11, 2010

Thank You

At Print Express
Me: Did I.. By any chance left my USB here?
Guy: Yes you did, actually.. It's the Spongebob one, right..

My USB has been helping me for a year now. It has never been broken or anything. I think I used it the most in the last couple of weeks. I went to Print Express 4 days in a row for crying out loud. But their services and print out quality is excellent. I highly recommend that place for great printing quality and still having a delightful service from the staffs.



Nov 9, 2010

A Little Bit Abstract Indeed

It's been quite some time since I posted sequence of pictures. So here you go. This is 'what happened' to me during the last couple of months.

Everyting is beautiful in its time

"He has made everything beautiful in its time."
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Just remember, if something does not happen right now, be patient. If it's meant to be, it will soon or later happen by it self. God knows and gives only the best for you.

Have faith, especially my dearest Indonesia. Bad things are usually good things in disguise :)


Nov 7, 2010

365 days

Lots of things have change within a year and I mean A LOT of things. Let's start with coming here to Melbourne. Just a year ago.. I'm this clueless girl who has only been to Melbourne once just to check out the Uni(s), has no family or even any relative here too. A bit confused my self why on earth did I pick design in Swinburne anyway? As well as changing my mind in the last minute about not going to Billy Blue in Sydney instead. I can still recall my friend was surprised that I was coming to Melbourne because he thought it was fix that I'm going to Sydney.

Back home, daddy used to take care everything. Trust me, everything means everything. Household, any payments, computer maintenance, piano lessons, holiday trips, he took care of it. Yes he still does it too now, but my point is I've never took care anything serious in my life before. I'm like this spoiled daughter who had everything really smooth and 'perfect'.

I don't want to go through my rough days here, blabbing how bad things did happen to me, trouble came and went, because I don't like reminiscing sad memories. All I want to say is that now.. I've changed. I think I grew up a little bit. I feel different. I act different, I talk different, I think differently compare to my self a year ago. Now I listen to Korean band, for Pete's sake. Well I don't listen to them that much, but I gave it a try. That's how much I've changed.

The people around me are fairly different within a year. I'm thankful for everyone I have right now. I feel so lucky to have met them, and became friends since then. Not that I've forgotten my high school friends, they own half of my heart just like what my best friend told me. I miss them like crazy, here. But talking about living at the moment, I do thank God I have met such good people here. It brings out that feeling, you now, pure happiness, when you can make others laugh. At you, with you, does it matter, really?

Second thing, I cook, for the love of God. I know how to make pasta, I watched Jamie's Ministry of Food Recipes podcasts, I shop for the ingredients even though yes, my cooking skill is still on a very basic stage, but I cook. For those who have known me at least since junior high school, must have known what I'm like with cooking, kitchen and friends. Yup. I was never near the kitchen. I picked out snacks and Spongebob ice creams while my little brother helped my mom picking out real ingredients during monthly grocery shopping.

October 2009 I went to Festival Indonesia at Fed Square with Unilink friends, ate the food, watched the performance, introduced to a friend who was performing then, and who is now the guitarist of 'my band', and I swear to God, it never occurred me at that time that I was going to stand at that same stage the next year, singing to 100ish people, which I did. I think I can call it my band, the 8th Avenue, performed in Festival Indonesia on 24 October 2010. That's pretty amazing for me.

Did I sound like I'm arrogantly telling you all this stuff? Well, this is me being proud and happy and amazed all at once. Forgive me for any misleading statements, but yes, I'm happy that I've changed. I'm happy that.. Melbourne has changed me. You know how people say change is never a good thing? Well in this case, it isn't. Change is good. Do change, do feel the difference, do take the risk :)

Lastly, now I have a newly respect for designers. For logo designers, poster designers, book publication people, God what a huge work they have to go through! There's so much to think and re-consider in the making of a particular art work! From now on, I will never insult any kind of design form regardless how they overall look like because I know, and I mean I know, the effort and hard work behind all that.

Smile, be happy, and enjoy life :)


Nov 1, 2010


Should you look for it or will it look for you?

What is this thing called love, anyway? Is it just as simple as a sincere compliment of how beautiful you look today, or is it way more complicated like compromising, accepting, taking and giving?

There's no exact statement to describe it, though. The most important thing is how you both interpreted it. The idea is to be on the right track, with the right one, at the right time. Be patient, the right person is just around the corner, and both of you are just moving closer.

Enjoy life


Oct 31, 2010

Wonderful by Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin

Feels like I've seen you before
Maybe in a past life, you were mine and I was yours
'Cause the vibe we share, feels so comfortable
Is it possible someone could make me lose control

Look what you've done to me, finding it hard to breathe
'Cause I just can't believe, you're feeling me like I'm feeling you
I had to pinch myself, 'cause nobody else has given me such a chill
And made me feel the way that you do

I just gotta let you know in case you didn't know
I, I, I, I, I, I think you're wonderful
There's this thing you do to me, that thing that makes me weak
Baby I, I, I, I think you're wonderful

Questioning what this is if it's too good to be true
I don't wanna fool myself 'cause I'm fallin' hard for you
Givin' me that old school love, sayin' I'm the only one
Showin' me in so many ways, that you're crazy for me

Look what you've done to me, finding it hard to breathe
'Cause I just can't believe, you're feeling me like I'm feeling you
I had to pinch myself, 'cause nobody else has given me such a chill
And made me feel the way that you do, baby

I just gotta let you know in case you didn't know
I, I, I, I, I, I think you're wonderful
There's this thing you do to me, that thing that makes me weak
Baby I, I, I, I think you're wonderful

I'd go anywhere, far away from here
It would be okay as long as you are there
You take away my pain and I'll never be the same
You've got my heart baby and I just want to say, baby

I just gotta let you know in case you didn't know
I, I, I, I, I, I think you're wonderful
There's this thing you do to me, that thing that makes me weak
Baby I, I, I, I think you're wonderful

I'm pretty sure everyone of you must have at least someone who you adore that much. Keep them close :)


Oct 29, 2010

Mending tau lalu menyesal, atau tidak tau sama sekali?

I don't know about you guys, tapi gw sering mengalami kejadian dimana gw tau sesuatu, lalu gw jadi menyesal dan berpikir "mending gw ga usah tau hal itu dari awal". CONTOH. contoh paling klise yah. seorang cewe suka sama cowo. so far sih dia seneng2 aja jalanin nya. tapi suatu hari dia tau suatu fakta yaitu si cowo suka sama cewe lain. kalo gw jadi cewe pertama, mending gw ga usah tau aja si cowo suka ama cewe lain. dengan gitu I can mind my own business, dan gak usah pusing sama "x factor" lainnya.

contoh lain. you're having a great week. you've done your assignments, your tutor loves your piece of work, your friends are all there, you're happy, and bam! you find out that someone doesn't like you. karena suatu hal. sekali lagi, mending gw ga tau fakta itu. biarin aja dia ga suka gw mah urusan dia, let me be happy gitu.

sounds so egois yah. tapi for some cases, man I prefer not to know something in particular, really. buat apa lu tau suatu hal yang nantinya bakal ngebuat lu down juga? mending kalo lu tipe orang yang bisa overcome dengan cepat dan ngambil hikmahnya. tapi buat orang2 yang melankolis? yang semuanya apa apa di pikirin? buat gw mending ga tau aja sekalian.

meskipun, di satu sisi, kasus yang diatas misalnya, kalo kita tau orang ga suka sama kita, misal karena kita... self-centered misalnya, ya ada baiknya juga. kita jadi bisa introspeksi diri. tapi setelah kita introspeksi, apakah it will guarantee 100% orang itu bakal jadi langsung suka sama kita? ngga juga, kan?

barusan kepikir 1 contoh lagi. kalo misalnya *amit amit* gw ternyata di adopsi, I prefer not to know that for the rest of my life. mending gw hidup di kebohongan yang at least bisa buat gw bahagia. well, if you put it that way, it sounds so wrong, really. tapi beneran, mending gw ga tau dari pada tau lalu sakit ati dan menyesal. but this is just me, you might think the whole opposite :)

kadang kita nggak harus tau semua hal. some things are, trully, better remain unknown. believe me. kalo misalnya temen lu lagi ngomong sama orang lain. blablabla. terus lu kepo, apa sih apa sih? dan mereka ga mau kasi tau, maybe they're right. maybe you shouldn't know that thing. mungkin kalo lu nggak tau, lu nggak rugi juga. toh kalo udah semestinya lu tau, soon or later lu bakal tau.

anywaaaaayy im not coming home for christmas. again. gonna celebrate my birthday alone, cause everyone is going back on novembah :( im alone. yeah but what so ever. JUST HANG IN THERE GUYS, i know next week and the next two weeks are submission weeks, but then, 3 months of summer holiday YAY! 

be happy :)


Oct 25, 2010

Apparently this is what I do when I'm bored

It's a really short story. Click image for bigger preview. Read from top left to the bottom, then to the top of the next column. Apology for any grammatical mistakes.

Enjoy every single day.


Oct 23, 2010

What Would You Do if You Knew You Would Not Fail?

by - Chris Guillebeau, author of The Art of Non-Conformity

Original Source: Click Here

One paragraph that might help you decide what you want to do with your life:

"How to Think About Your Life

On book tour I’ve been having hundreds of conversations about this subject with people from all walks of life. Figuring out what you want to do with your life is a hot topic, as is the fear of failure. If you’re new to this kind of thinking, it helps to ask yourself these simple questions:

What excites you? Why do you get up in the morning? If time and money were no object and you had no pressing responsibilities, how would you like to spend your days?

What bothers you? What problem would you like to fix? There are all kinds of problems in the world… which one(s) are you most troubled by?

You can also try to remember if there was something you wanted to do as a kid, but then turned away from because it was discouraged by someone. Therein lies the source of all kinds of dreams that lost their way as you transitioned to something more “responsible” — and if you read AONC, you probably know that the pursuit of a big dream isn’t something you need to justify to others."

Think I'm gonna answer those questions, and so should you. That might help. 

Enjoy life!


Oct 22, 2010

In English, in Indo

In English : "Would you care to validate your previous statement?"
In Indonesian : "SUMPE LO?!

In English : "Sorry, I think you miscalculated your own capabilities to handle the task at hand."
In Indonesian : "Nenek lu kiper!

In English : "Would you care to elaborate on that statement?"
In Indonesian : "MAKSUD LOH?!"

In English : "There's a 75% chance I won't make it, I'm far too busy for ur stupid event."
In Indonesian : "Insya'allah gw dateng!"

In English : "The meeting will start at 9:15 AM. Please be there 15 minutes beforehand."
In Indonesian : "Rapatnya jam 8!"

In English :"Let's try this new scam and see if those carbo-ladden brains buy it"
In Indonesian : "Mama minta pulsa"

In English : "Please stop by our outlet. There might be stuff you'll find interesting."
In Indonesian : "Giordanonya, Kakaaak!"

In English : "I've stumbled upon something that might be of interest to you. You might find it useful."
In Indonesian : "CEKIDOT GAN!"

In English : "I'm so overwhelmed by this turn of event that I'm speechless and in awe."
In Indonesian : "ANJROT!"

In English : "This is a very interesting topic that everybody should stay updated about this."
In Indonesian : "Sundul, Gan!"

In English : "I definitely won't make it. You guys go and have fun without me."
In Indonesian : "Ntar gue nyusul."

In English : "You're absolutely, positively 100% correct. But I knew that already."
In Indonesian : "EMBEER!"

In English : "That's so profound. I can't contribute anything further but I need to say something to sound equally smart."
In Indonesian : "Dalem."

(but I should tell you there's an unexpected disturbing picture placed in the middle that I didn't even know why they put it there. anyway, being a design student creates the feeling that citing the original source is a must. Well then, what are you going to say about that)


Oct 11, 2010

A wise one once said,
"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out charge card."

But my stomach crave even more through out the day! How, then?

Nah, I got the point :)

Oct 8, 2010

Ini yang baru dari Indonesia!

entah kenapa pengen ketawaaa deh pas liat video ini. antara ketawa karena emang menghibur, atau sedikit meringis dan geli geli. yang ganteng di tengah namanya morgan, terus ada lah satu yang ganteng juga, kayanya yang pake suspender, itu namanya rangga. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ugh


Sep 22, 2010

A click away

Someday We'll Know (cover) 
Panah Asmara (cover) on my Youtube. 

Original song: Mandy Moore ft Jonathan Foreman, A Walk to Remember soundtrack. 


Sep 18, 2010

Talking About Music

kenapa lagu jaman dulu tuh lebih bermutu, lebih bagus, lebih berskill, dengan lirik yang bagus, aransemen sama komposisi lagu yang enak didengar? kenapa semakin maju kedepan, yaitu sekarang2 ini, lagu-lagu Indonesia justru semakin menurun dan bener2 jarang ada yang bagus dan bermutu? coba dengerin lagu2 ini. bandingin sama lagu2 "top hits" sekarang.

despite the video clip mungkin (yang dulu pasti udah superbagus juga), gw nggak perlu lah ya, kasih contoh lagu-lagu yang berkebalikan 180derajat sama yang gw kasih contoh di atas? kalian tau sendiri gimana pathetic nya keadaan musik Indo sekarang. baca juga deh comments yang di post di video2 itu. nggak cuma gw yang ngerasa musik Indo sekarang lebih amburadul daripada duluplease, jangan nambah lagi band2 ga jelas dengan lirik yang amburadul. contoh lah para musisi lama yang emang kreasi nya jenius dan karya nya masih enak didenger sampe sekarang kayak: Chrisye, Warna, Sheila on 7, KD, AB3, Barry Likumahuwa, Base Jam dkk. and believe it or not, kalo sekarang gw dengerin lagi beberapa lagu mereka, mungkin terutama SO7, gw bisa merinding dan bener2 ngerasa kalo mereka bener2 pake cinta untuk ngebuat lagu itu. sounds lebay, but hey, that's what I feel.

even though, gw gak bilang kalo semua musik Indo jaman sekarang tuh jelek semua. ya enggak lah. masih ada yang bagus. kayak Maliq, Yovie n Nuno, Ran, Glenn, Tangga, Tompi, Sherina, dkk. 

duh jadi pengen ngomong panjang lebar kan. tadinya padahal cuma mau ngepost video. hm. menurut gw gini. kayak misalnya ada 1 lagu ya.. okelah. gw ambil contoh. lelaki buaya darat nya ratu. menurut gw, itu aransemen, lagunya, basically bagus. catchy. tapi liriknya. plis deh. dari sekian juta kata yang bisa dipake buat lirik lagu, harus yah ngerangkai tiga kata jadi lelaki buaya darat? gw tau, semuanya juga balik lagi ke masalah market nya. masalah target market yang jadi aim para penulis lagunya. mereka tau kalo bakalan banyak orang yang suka sama lirik mereka. mayoritas bakalan suka. jadi mereka buat deh. sekalinya 1 orang udah berani buat lirik yang aneh2, itu bakal ditiru, di ikutin hampir semua band! coba aja perhatiin lagu2 lain yang liriknya kacau. bandingin sama lirik-lirik lagu jaman dulu. 

agak sedihnya, sekarang teknologi kan udah lebih maju, mestinya bisa dong bikin lagu yang jauh lebih bagus lagi dari jaman dulu? tapi yang gw liat justru kebalikannya. jujur gw heran kenapa lagu2 yang... aneh itu justru didengerin terus menerus sama orang2. justru karena mereka dengerin lagu itu, pasaran nya naik, lagu itu semakin terkenal, semakin jatoh juga citra industri musik indo, menurut gw.

gw males nulis lebih banyak lagi karena ga mau menimbulkan kontroversial hahaha. padahal uda ga bisa stop in tangan dari ngetik hahaha. terus gw juga mikir, gw tau apa sih. baru juga umur 18 stengah, belum pernah punya gesture musik besar apapun, udah berani ngritik mereka mereka itu. well, one thing for sure, mereka punya keberanian, sih. they've got the guts to record their songs and distribute it through out the whole country (despite how terrible their songs are). 

have a great weekend!


Sep 15, 2010


akhirnya ada juga yang mau temenan sama gw!


Sep 14, 2010

A good question

Indeed, I got with me this very important, most difficult question there will ever be. Are you ready? you really really ready? you really mean it? (maybe some of you have jumped to read the question already. lol) here goes.

What should you really do when you're injuriously bored?!

I mean, really! So I've got this plan, where I know exactly when should I do all of my assignments for wednesday, thursday and friday since last saturday. and I did my assignments according to plan! I told my self that I've got to finish them all by tuesday. why? because I only got one hour lecture on monday, and tuesday off. so there's no reason, really, not to finish my assignments. learning from the past, that all of the last minute works are very disappointing, I work my ass off to finish them all on monday and tuesday. and guess what? I did! and now? I got bored and I have no idea what to do. 

So here I am, literally amazed by how managing your time can... sucks sometimes. I got nothing to do now, because I've finished everything! I've done my assignments due friday, for crying out loud! all I have to do is to print them all by tomorrow after class. isn't that great? (sarcasm tone)

WELL, I got this formspring thingy with me. Click here to visit my formspring. it's just a way to ask a person, questions that you want to ask them, anonymously. they also got this automatic thing where they will give you random questions (when no one ask you), right, and I did some of them. trying to answer them as stupid as I can. that's how bored I am. yea, I know I got that formspring box on the right side, but yea whatsoever. you can type in your questions there as well (do you hear the desperation towards this post??)

OH! this just crossed my mind! to post a list of Friends bloopers on my blog. yea right. I watched them all the time, I could spot their bloopers. oh good God, help me.

see you when I see you!

(I should really get a new 'signature'. this one is tacky. and been using it ever since!)

Sep 13, 2010

Esperanza Spalding

If I'm a guy, I'd fall in love with this extraordinary talented woman. That is how much I adore Esperanza Spalding. Enjoy.


Sep 7, 2010

I want this

especially the ring! I believe if someone make this, it won't cost you that much, but there's gonna be people who crave for these. Like me! :D please make me oneeee

Source: click here



Halo teman. Mau minta masukan ide dong buat tugas.

Barang apa yang sering kita pakai, tapi nggak brtahan lama dan langsung kita buang? Misal: tissue, disposable coffee cup, etc.

Hey guys, I need some opinion here! It's for my assignment.

What ephemeral things do we usually use? Ephemeral: lasting a very short time
e.g: tissue, disposable coffee cup, etc.

Please comment or drop anything on the chat box, or any other way to tell me.

Thankss :)


Sep 5, 2010

I just want to stressed this out

Cara kita nyembah Yang Diatas emang beda satu sama yang lain. Cara lu belum tentu paling bener, begitu juga cara gw. Cara kita nyembah Yang Diatas pasti beda-beda. Mungkin cara orang lain menyembah Tuhan terlihat aneh di mata lu. Terlihat nggak biasa. Tapi, bukannya setau gw, kita itu nyembah Tuhan yang sama, ya? Jadi buat apa lu merasa paling perfect, lebih lagi, merasa berhak buat ngejelek-jelekin cara yang digunakan orang lain?

Just something to really think about.

"tapi ga jarang ya ketemu orang yang sering gereja tapi perilaku diluar tempat ibadah itu 180derajat" -Seorang teman, via MSN.
Are you one of them?


Sep 4, 2010

Aku dan Hadirmu by Barry Likumahuwa

men, gw ga tau deh men kalo lu ga suka lagu ini, lu bukan manusia men, lagu ini enak banget arghh. mau mati. 

(bad) translation:
man, I don't know man if you don't like this song, you not human, man, this song very delicious argh. want die.

maaf lebay! tapi emang enak!


Sep 2, 2010

welcoming flickr

Yeah. I kinda need to make flickr account for my photography class. Just wanna share it with you guys here. I'm really new at this, still learning. So, any comments will do. Hopefully in english, cause my teacher and friends here are probably gonna see it anyway. Thanks! :)