Aug 23, 2011

New Chapter

I really should update my blog, shouldn't I? hahaha.. Terribly sorry for the late late veeerryy late new update, but it's just because I was sooo busy lately, but I really do have much! To tell.

Let me ask you something. Have you ever felt like suddenly you've changed a lot? The way you think, the way you speak, the way you feel, the way you do stuff, it suddenly changes, and I mean in a good way? Well that's what I felt after a month back in my home country, indo! Have lots and lots to share, thinking about vlog, though. But you'll just have to wait. I promise you I got heaps of new good stuffs! :)

But now I'm in my branding and identity class. so yeah, I'll post new stuffs asap! :D be happy!


Jun 21, 2011

I'm home

Yes I'm home :) had a pleasant dinner with my family and my dad's older brother and youngest sister's families as well. met my cousin after 6 years no contact, I guess. Took a lot of pictures and had lots of laughters. I'm just glad I'm home :)


Jun 14, 2011

yes I had my exam today. and guess what. out of three essays that we could choose to answer from five, one of them, was more less.. like this..

(this is just an example)

Question 1.
What have you been doing all day?

I SMARTLY answer:
Well 1+1 equals 2 and as you can see on your left side is the beautiful beach where you can find two whales pushing each other towards the waterfall.


but oh well. hello indo, 6 more days. oh God. I can't barely wait.


Jun 9, 2011


whew. almost a month since the last time I updated this blog. well. I've been busy. nah, seriously. I've been soooooo busy. got uni projects, work, and I was busy preparing for the musical play as well. but now.. I'm quite free.. yes. the word quite there is used because I still got two things to take care of.

1. Marketing Exam on 14th of June.
yes. I took marketing subject this semester and it has been a fun subject. learned many things, and it could be easily applied to design, in terms of selling it. business. you know. BUT! meanwhile all of the other 3 design subjects have projects due 3rd June, this marketing subject has one final exam which will be held on the 14th of June. where to be honest, I HAVE NOT touch or even read anything from my text book or lecture notes. argh. im so gonna regret this. im such a procrastinator. my room is clean, I've prepared all of the marketing materials in one place, but I have not! touched that. ergh. help?

2. Moving.
yes. yes. and another yes. I AM going to move AGAIN. this time, it's nobody's fault. it's just that the owner of our apt is going to sell this apt. so we have to move by the 7th of August. Nadia is planning to go for exchange in Germany anyway so, yeah, dont think we're gonna be housemates anymore. that's a bummer. but happy for her if she got accepted, though. anyways. yea. so im still looking for a house in south melbourne or southbank. this location is perfect for me. got a friend who's willing to be my future housemate, though. so I'm not really worried about that. but still... moving means.. finding the right house.. then having to pack everything up, another.. electricity, water, gas AND internet billing thing.. moving day.. running up and down trying to get my fridge and washing machine to the mover's van.. I don't mind setting it up, though. but yet, I know that it's going to be a looongg process. just wish I had my family and my own house here. so that I could settle in a house where I DO NOT have to move every 12 months. sigh.

BUT ON THE OTHER SUNNY SIDE, im going home on the next 11 days! OH MY GOD. I am sooooooo happy. cause i didnt go back home last summer, so its been a year since i step my foot in indo (exaggerating, but please. I'm happy and that rarely happens). gonna meet my family.. even my aunt from california is going back home! yayyyy.. gonna spend.. 3 days in Lembang, i think, my big family reunion.. arghhh so happy and sooo looking forward to it. I just wish theres no drama this time. lets face the fact. every family has drama right? but anyways... ssoooo haaapppeeeyyy.. gonna cut my hair, gonna shop a lot, gonna spend times with family and friends.. and im going to bali as well! arghhh laying on the beach.. so nice.. SO NICEEE. alrite. back to tetris battle. yeah. it's my new addiction. and oh! Scrubs. theyre reaaaaally good.

see ya real soon indo!


May 17, 2011

vlog #4

alrite. it has NOT been three months. i checked the date of my last photo taken with photobooth and it's 11 April. so.. yeah. a month, really.

1:09 should be: I want to thank you for everyone who came.

and finally.. pardon me for touching my hair sooo many times, and for its absurd 'look' ;p


May 16, 2011

Society Misconstrued Individuality

“Women tend to hate other women who they unconsciously adore.”

Just told that to a friend so that she could still be her self and do the things she loves. It’s depressing to face the fact that nowadays, what others think or say about a person, will affect their confidence and will surely hold them back in being themselves. It is sad.

So what if she’s different? Should you talk about her because she thinks the other way around? and what about that guy? are you being harmed if he does weird things? or if he dressed differently from everyone else? Ask yourself. Maybe, deep inside, you want to be like them. You want to be different. You just don’t have the guts. But guess what? They do.

All I’m saying is just be careful of what you say or even think about a person. What if that person… were you?