May 17, 2011

vlog #4

alrite. it has NOT been three months. i checked the date of my last photo taken with photobooth and it's 11 April. so.. yeah. a month, really.

1:09 should be: I want to thank you for everyone who came.

and finally.. pardon me for touching my hair sooo many times, and for its absurd 'look' ;p


May 16, 2011

Society Misconstrued Individuality

“Women tend to hate other women who they unconsciously adore.”

Just told that to a friend so that she could still be her self and do the things she loves. It’s depressing to face the fact that nowadays, what others think or say about a person, will affect their confidence and will surely hold them back in being themselves. It is sad.

So what if she’s different? Should you talk about her because she thinks the other way around? and what about that guy? are you being harmed if he does weird things? or if he dressed differently from everyone else? Ask yourself. Maybe, deep inside, you want to be like them. You want to be different. You just don’t have the guts. But guess what? They do.

All I’m saying is just be careful of what you say or even think about a person. What if that person… were you?


May 11, 2011

If I didn't have you

"And if I were handsome (No way)
It could happen
Those dreams do come true"



May 6, 2011

some things

I got these from an album which was uploaded on fb by a friend of mine. it's quite funny. no, it's really funny!

you will understand this one above if u had tetris on your phone and spent endless nights trying to break that record.

sometimes they're after our "toe thumb" too!

what a great vision. dont you think?

and watching spongebob.

too sweet :)

I fall in love with Adam Levine.


May 5, 2011