Feb 25, 2011


My friend is selling his used Macbook Pro.
‎​Mid 2010 15 inch Macbook Pro
‎​Intel i7 2.6 ghz
‎​Hi res and anti glare
‎​Include win 7 professional 64 bit installed
‎​Selling for $2200 o.n.o

He's also looking for a housemate, though. Preferably female and she has to be neat and clean. His house is at Dorcas st, South Melbourne, a really good living area (since I live next door)

Any question or inquiries just contact me through facebook, twitter or bb. Thanks :)


Feb 22, 2011

bird day

c10 - 2009

Happy Birthday to my dearest, multi-talented extremely funny friend, Benedicta Febiola! you're beginning your twenties, I promise you it's gonna be fun! (though I'm not yet on my twenties) anw, have a blast, dear! hope to meet you soon, soon, soon! :)


Back to School

oh how I wish I could say that. Back to school. after four months of holiday. and guess what? I do think that that's still not enough. I'm not sure I can directly get back right on track next Monday. there's gonna be lots of things to catch up but to be honest, I'm pretty excited! I guess the feeling of 'waiting for something new' occurs here. do you remember how excited you were when your school announced your new class? a list of names of your soon-to-be-classmates? then you shop for stationary, shoes, bags because you know you want to start something new, fresh from the start? that's how I feel every time holiday has come to its end and I'm preparing for another school year ahead. and now, I'm on that stage! summer class and summer holiday has ended, ehm, soon will end, and I'm preparing myself by buying A4 file for my notes! This time, it's a really money saver, and I'm really happy with it even though I know it's just another folder. have a look!

A4 Folder: Tokuya, Bourke st; $3.5
Lined Paper: Office Work; $1.5
Binder Wallet: Office Work; $1.6
Total: $6.6

another thing to get excited about, while my mum is still here, I think I can abuse the favor she gave me by buying me stuff that I don't have to pay with my own money, but hers :D I know, I know, that's spoiled and irresponsible, but what the hell who cares she's just here once in a while, you know.

I love this. I really recommend Mooks' Silver Leaving Shrug for you (girls). Very suitable for Melbourne double-personality-summer weather (by double personality, I meant the other half as winter). very cozy, the material is like wearing heaven, and it's just fashionably gorgeous!

enjoy every second!


Feb 13, 2011

is it the look in your eyes

lately I've been feeling that I'm becoming such an idealist person. not the way I do stuff, but the way I think, and hope for the future. is it a good or a bad thing?

another random thing crossed my mind as well. I've been thinking that everything that happened to us happened because it is our fate. it's how our life suppose to be. for example. I chose to go to melbourne and things happen. the things that happened happened because that's my fate. but then I rethink about it and I came up with another idea that it happened because I chose to go to melbourne. If I chose to stay in indo, then all of the 'melbourne things' wouldn't happened. ah so hard to write it on blog.
anywaaaaay. made a little something. enjoy :)


Feb 10, 2011

Infinity on High

it was raining like crazy just now. yeah, with lightning and stuff. kinda cool actually. and oh, I've been finishing my essay while listening to my usual playlist when I need to concentrate. Fall Out Boy's Infinity on High album. no kidding. I find my self concentrating like hell, meanwhile I know I'm (very much) easily distracted. All I need to do is plug my ear phone, play the album, turn up the volume and there you go. I've sent my assignment to my lecturer already. have a good night, world. I miss you, Indoneisa :]

I love you in the same way,

No, wait.
I thought I loved you.


it just crossed my mind. randomly. be careful while choosing 'the one'. Make sure you're sure that you want him/her to be the one you're gonna wake up next to for the rest of your life. unconditionally.


Feb 7, 2011

two things in my mind.

heyya! it's been quite a while since I've posted some really good, meaningful things here, isn't it? ah feel bad nih. oh no. you know what, lately, I've been using, speaking and listening to broken english. not good. not good. oh swell. there are two things I wanna share, though. I'll try to make it short and simple.

firstly, as you can see, I got a part time job now at one of the fast food company. better not say the name, though. NOT because I'm going to say something bad, but it just somewhat for the sake of privacy. anyway. yea, been working there for .. around two months now. since I'm working mainly in the front counter, I happened to meet many different type of customers. some are terribly nice, and some are.. yea.. annoying. and guess what, a customer did successfully made me cried one time. but of course he didn't know. and I was in a bad mood anyway that day, so no wonder I cried. but it only happened once, though. then I started to analyze the customers, and learn from what happen. for example, when they're angry/mad at you, don't take it personally. it's not your personality that they hate, but since you're the crew, they should complaint to you. who else could they complaint to? and when sometimes they became very angry because they have waited too long for their food, maybe they're in a rush. maybe they have to go somewhere more important than just buying their lunch. so we can't blame them entirely for being impatient.
but then, when a customer gave you a compliment on how polite you are, or even the smallest, thrilling thing that came out from your manager's mouth, man, it really cheer up your whole day. big time. then, I shared this experience to a good friend of mine, one night. and while chatting with him, I suddenly typed: but well, I think this is how our mentality is being challenged. how can we handle ourself when bad things happen, and in someway, it kinda prepare us to face the real world. not everyone is as thoughtful as your mother nor as nice as your best friend. they could be cruel and hurt you. this is just a way for us to learn again and again, and to prepare for the worst that yet to come in the future. another thing on the side, I also think that this is how we could train our persistence as well. when things were though, will you handle it, or bail out straight away? yea. many lessons. see, I'm blabbing much.

second of all. argh. so lazy to discuss about this, actually. I don't want to create any misleading post or any controversial one. but yes I have to say that I am terribly sad, not just sad, but also upset and muak, distressed, knocked over, disrupt, you name it, with the accident that just happened in indo. I think it was just 2 days ago. where two different groups of the same religion, had a clash and 3 or 4 people died because of that. the meanest thing is what I saw in the video. I regret it until this minute that I watched that video front to back. start till the end. it was just crazy, man. I can't describe it. I really don't suggest you to watch if you can't handle brutality. let say group X is against group Y, and group X is "winning". I saw 2 of group Y's members was .. I don't know wether it's lying or not, on the ground, dead already, I think, and X members are still hitting them with rocks and bat, once at a time. I saw how hard the hit time. can't imagine how it felt. IT WAS CRUEL. it was BRUTAL and BARBARIC. it REALLY was. the victim didn't move already. didn't move a bit when they hit them. so I suspect they're dead already. you want to know why it happened? it was just because group Y is having a meeting and group X didn't like it. group X wanted them to stop the meeting immediately and go away but group Y resisted. that's when the clash began and people are being injured until some are dead. I think that's ridiculous how
a. the government didn't do anything significant immediately regarding to this problem
b. the police, JUST ONE POLICEMAN, in the video didn't do anything, he just shouted: enough, stop! enough.. (and were just walking around) but people are still hitting them anyway
c. how old-fashioned the way some people still think and act even in this modern era.

it's ridiculous. it's more than that. it's sickening. it doesn't make any sense. they believe in the same religion, for God's sake. the only difference is the way they praise God. I could never stop thinking about this: even though there are different religions, but don't we praise and believe in the same God? the only thing that makes the difference is the WAY we praise Him. isn't it ironic how people want to show that their way is the BEST WAY meanwhile the object, the One that we praise, is THE SAME? it just doesn't make sense to me. I would never understand how these people think.

oh well. this accident has upset me already. better do something even more positive. I really hope by writing this harmless, so-many-grammar-errors yet straightforward post, I could at least change or influenced how some people think in the future. I just hope.